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PostSubject: SplitParad0x   Sat Dec 08, 2012 4:03 am

Hello. I'm SplitParad0x. As you all know, I was the leader of Team Chaos and am the creator of eXclusive. I only get to play NFMM on weekends because I don't have internet at home anymore. I have played NFM since back when the first one was ot. I played it and beat it with my cousin,and then I quit it. Now, about 3 years later, I was thiking of NFM like "That was a good game..." , so I decided to Google search it. I found it and realize NFM2 was out. I played it and beat it. A couple years later, I found out NFMM wa coming out. I checket the website everyday until it came out. When I first played, I was gonna be RadicalOne (My fav). Then, I got all creative and became RAD1. I met Miami54, SaSSy, and eventually BurnCharge. BurnCharge let me use his account, so I became BurnCHarge. We made a clan called B.C.B. (BurnCharge Brotherhood). Eventually, I quit BCB and joined NFMPD. After a while, I finally got registered ad RAD1. Eventually, that changed to SplitParad0x. So thats that, I guess. Let's hear about you!

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PostSubject: Re: SplitParad0x   Tue Jan 01, 2013 2:14 am

Strange. I had a similar story as far as NFM 1 and 2 go. I met different people, and didn't go into a clan until Team Chaos. Then I left NFMM For 3 months, and now im back. Thats my story on my NFM History. I was the Second Member of Team Chaos, only to Splitparad0x.

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